Epromoshop.net is a website that promotes the online shopping of products and services selected from different categories.

Purchases can be made using any major credit card (MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, American Express ...) and are boosted by the following

"Fidelity Bonus" program: 

During the browsing, the website can reward randomly from 1 to 100 "Fidelity Bonus" points, which will be added to those already accumulated by the 
(guest or registered) user in the same session. 

This score can act as a partial or total discount on purchases to be performed in the Shop or as  entertainment credits in the "Play" section.
Please note: credits will be truly expendable in the shop only if it has been done before a certain number of purchases from the IP address of the workstation.

The "Fidelity Bonus" balance can be recovered between different browser sessions only by registering an account on the site.
Otherwise the user wants to give it up implicitly.

There is no option to transfer points between different accounts!
The account is strictly individual and it is forbidden to convert the points for money!

Points can be increased with purchases, or in the event of winnings from the games.
Their unique purpose is obtain more satisfactory purchases, in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 16 of the preamble of the European Directive on Electronic Commerce and as also by Italian law which recognized the legitimacy.

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